Friday, 12 September 2008

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday - dodging showers but managed to get a front onto the compost bin so that I can fill it more evenly.

Ordered more slab from Patersons to make a second bin for all the leaves that are going to fall off the trees in the next few weeks, and timber to make a log store.

Started to clear ivy from top right-hand corner where we plan to put all the garden buildings. Rain stopped play.

Thursday: After one of the windiest nights since we've been here no surprises to find a Leylandii branch down this morning, thankfully only a small one and laying in the garden. Am living in fear of one of the remaining huge trees falling into the road before John can get here and fell them. Removed most of branch from tree and rendered it down into logs.

Nearly finished clearing the area where our log store will be built. Decided not to try to remove the roots of a lilac bush single-handed, that can wait until Husband is available to provide additional muscle.

After our lack of success with the shredder we're reconciled to having to have another huge bonfire to finally clear all this brush and rubbish. Making a start on piling things in the right place to make it easy when we do have a big burn.


  1. There I was thinking I knew your garden and then you post a picture which makes me think where is that!!!

    Did the branch come of the trees you were already concerned about.

    It's a shame it's not a lot closer to Bonfire night you could probably supply a faiur few village bonfire with enough wood to keep the bonfires going all evening.

  2. Thanks Angela, first tree on the left as you come through the bottom gate. That is the one which has lost a branch before. I was standing near it yesterday in the wind and it was creaking and sounding like a 15th century wooden ship! Actually, it wasn't just creaking - that can be quiet comforting, this was more like squealing and a little scary.

  3. Hi Bilbo, I read with interst your plans for a second compost bin for the leaves. Its always a good idea to have a seperate place for your leaves as they compost in a different way to the usual garden stuff and can take up to a year to become usable on the garden. I don't even bother to bin my leaves as I have so many, I make a pile out of the way. If you do want to confine them I found that a circle of sheep netting, (the stuff you see around farmers fields as apposed to chicken wire which is not as strong)is very good for this job. If you cut off a length and join the ends together, the piece should be long enough to make a circle of about 6 feet across. You will find the structure is free standing an supporting so can be placed where you want with easy. You don't need a bottom in it for leaves as this allows the worms and things to get in to the heap. Also unlike when composting leaves can be trodden down when added to the pile so you can get a lot in to a small area. Also you don't need to cover the pile as water will help with the rotting. The main thing it to put it somewhere out of the way because it won't be used for at least 12 months. When you do come to use it just undo the wire where the join is and it will come away easily to be used again. Hope this is of some help. Bob.

  4. Thanks Bob, I have done, in the past, exactly what you suggested and it worked very well indeed. About two years later we had a huge pile (rotted down to about 6 ft tall so you can imagine how big it was to start with) of wonderful stuff that we still reminisce about and refer to as Black Gold!


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