Friday, 19 September 2008

Still here, honest!

Just not much happening in the garden this week.

John has been round to make pronouncements on the trees we are most worried about and agrees we'll have the five worst down within the next month. My job is to clear up the base of the trunks in readiness for judgement day. Additionally, I need to move various piles of brush that have been (for good reasons at the time) dumped in what is now the wrong place . . .

Have decided I am no longer going to admit to any future plans online because whenever I do, things change. Back in August I had this great idea that "one more session removing cherry roots and I'd be able to import soil and plant daffodil bulbs along the front hedge". Yeah right, haven't touched that area for five weeks now . . . sigh.

And the Grand Plan for a log store which involved clearing an area at the top of the garden last week? Silly me, Husband has had a rethink and suggested another location for the logs, and of course, he's right!


  1. Don't you just hate it when Husbands are right!!!

  2. Actually - no! What is really strange though, is that since moving to Bag End I am learning just how much he has picked up about gardening over the years (when we met he did not know a daisy from a dahlia!) It's always been me who was the gardener and Husband provided labour when necessary - now I find him making suggestions about what might go where and he's usually right ... so I have to ask, who is this strange man and what did you do with my Husband?

  3. Hmmm... better keep him away from Merlin then ;)

  4. Perhaps this move north has been the making of another Alan Titchmarch or Monty Don!!!

    Seriously though - it's great to hear that DH is taking an interest in what you are doing and loves being with you in the garden, helping with the 'heavy stuff' and the's his garden too.....


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