Thursday, 4 September 2008

Squirrel breakfast

First thing this morning one of our dark coated squirrel decided that a hazelnut breakfast was in order. Remember these silly young things do not like pushing up the feeder lid so I propped it open with a stick?

We do not fill the feeder every day, if we did so the uneaten food at the bottom would go mouldy so this squirrel had to climb completely inside to get some breakfast,

and dislodged the stick so was shut inside,

and could not work out how to escape and was very ticked off for a few seconds, and then managed to climb out but left its tail behind - which got squashed as the lid fell. Ever seen a really pissed off squirrel? It sat on the plinth angrily swishing the aforementioned tail around obviously very unhappy, didn't stop us laughing though!

This little episode kicked us into action and we got round to modifying a new feeder bought last week. We cut away part of the acrylic front so that there will always be a gap for the squirrel. This means that rain might get in but we'll worry about that when it becomes a problem. The new feeder is deliberately smaller so that food does not sit around outside for too long, it is no hardship to refill it every day if necessary.

We were rewarded for our efforts by the almost immediate visitation of THREE red squirrel. They were funny as two climbed over the rowan tree looking for the feeder we'd just removed but it only took the bravest 12 minutes from us coming inside to him/her taking a hazelnut.

Do you realise how difficult it is to get anything done around here? Numerous birds, and now squirrel antics galore - it would be a crime not to stop and watch them!

And finally, have you ever seen anything more undignified?


  1. You suddenly seem to be deluged with squirrels. I wonder if this is a sign that with autumn fast approaching they are looking further afield for food.

    What a spot of luck that Bag End has so many feeders to choose from.

    I'm thinking that you're going to be seeing a lot more of your little extended family, and far more often too. This can only mean one thing (besides a higher Birds' Bistro bill), plenty more enchanting squirrel pictures!

  2. I do worry about the calibre of some of your squirrels! They seem to be little exhibitionists. But aren't they the sweetest little creatures on earth!

  3. You're getting some fabulous pictures Bilbo, I thought we lived in a spot that was good for wildlife & birds, but your garden is amazing!

  4. How fanastic are your squirrels. Dont forget we keep a data base of all reds at You only need to mention them once and add a comment or email me at work. I am hoping to do some record verification at home from next week which is excellent for me! Actually, winter time is better for reds as there are many nuts and berries around and they all eat fungi. Believe it or not the spring and summer are their hardest times. It's great that you provide food for them year round :-)


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