Saturday, 20 September 2008


According to one of our neighbours we do not get Nuthatches this far north. So now you know - the pretty little bird in these photos is not a Nuthatch, Mr Know-It-All says so.

It is about 20% larger than a Hampshire nuthatch, and the breast is paler in colour and it is, very definitely, a Nuthatch and a most welcome visitor to Bag End.

On one occasion I saw two which bodes well for baby Nuthatches next spring. This particular bird adores peanuts but is not averse to raiding the Soft-Billed Mix when the Robbins and Blackbirds have left some.


  1. Lucky you. At least Roger and Ann are not the only ones with a nuthatch visitor :)

    What next, a tree creeper?

  2. Actually - YES!

    Saw a tree creeper last week very briefly and again this week but they're so fast and that damn camera of mine . . . I see a D80 in my life in the not too distant future, just got to make a lens decision!


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