Sunday, 28 September 2008

Breakfast visitor

Maybe the old camera isn't completely dead yet - but the real credit has to go to this young squirrel who was either unafraid and not bothered by my shuffling across very wet early morning grass to get to within 15 feet of him, or he was too scared and stupid to run away. Jill is right - at some point in the future it would be great to get a proper hide and take the time to sit outside and watch these wonderful creatures from much closer!

No edits, SOOC and no more because the d*mn batteries died just as he moved to the hazelnut feeder!


  1. Such a black tail. Well done on fighting the Olympus shutter-lag... and winning!

  2. Can't complain about the quality of that photo! Well done.

  3. Did I ever tell you that 'Squirrel' (Eichhorn) is a family name on my mother's side?



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