Sunday, 3 August 2008

The voices made me do it . . .

Domesticated visit to Penrith this afternoon with Husband to look at Wood Burning Stoves. A brief wander around the town afterwards found me outside Just Sew. What an absolutely lovely shop, not the biggest range of patchwork fabrics but the stock is very well chosen and not priced excessively, whoever does the buying has a good eye for colour, pattern and style. The ambiance of the shop is brilliant, within five minutes a couple of the staff and I are laughing like we've known each other since school - just how a quilt shop should be. Which is probably why, in addition to the packet of Dylon that I needed, I came home with:-

The 60" wide cotton makes sense - on sale and perfect for use on Merlin whilst we get the stitch quality, tension, etc., all sorted out. The two Moda "Layer Cakes" ... like I said, The Voices Made Me Do It (but on the way home I planned three possible lap quilts with the lighter packet). I wonder how long it will be before there is a clutch of "how to make quilts from Layer Cakes" books just like the Jelly Roll books?


  1. Wey hey, you're on a roll now girl, it ain't going to stop here LOL.

  2. Hope everything is going well with the set up of 'Merlin' and that you will be able to play with the fabric you bought soon - I love these Moda packs and may have to buy some at FoQ NEXT WEEK - can't believe we are nearly at that time! So sorry you wont be coming though - we will all miss you.


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