Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Much excitement, sorry - this definitely comes under the 'bragging' category

Had a lovely visit yesterday afternoon from Peter Burgess and Tracey. Peter is founder of the Online Fellwalking Club, a warm and friendly group, membership of which helped keep me sane in the last couple of years before we were able to move here (Andrea, I want no comments about "sane" from you, thank you very much).

It seems to be the case that when friends visit the clouds come down and I'm unable to share our glorious view but Peter was undeterred by the weather and spent most of the visit on his knees with an OS map of the North Western fells spread out in front of him, plus compass, paper and a very long ruler. With the aid of this photo, taken back in April when the view was a heck of a lot better, he concluded that the beautiful distant fell in this picture is PILLAR. Not just any fell OK, but Pillar - and, we can even make out Pillar Rock (which I will not be ascending!) and Windy Gap which is clearly visible on the right. What a wonderful addition to the list of Fells I Must Walk if I'm to get to the top of everything where (visibility permitting) I can say "I can see my house from here!".

Pete knows these fells much, much better than I do - if he says this is Pillar, then it is!! Thanks Pete! (and thanks too to Tracey who sat very patiently whilst Pete played on the floor).


  1. If only I didn't have to do Pillar Rock to complete the Birketts, one top I'm not looking forward to :-(

    Isn't it time to list all the tops you can see then? Maybe this could be new list - the Bag Enders.

  2. It definitely is Pillar! We planned to do an OFC ascent of Pillar Rock at some point. I could try and get Bill Birkett to do it with us if I tried really hard and started some tactical pursuasion now. Who would fancy that?


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