Monday, 11 August 2008

More hedge regeneration

In the interests of trying to keep my own diary up to date, here's what I accomplished on Friday afternoon:

The arrival of Graham and Tim to cut the lawns meant I packed up before I'd completely finished and there are still two large stumps to be removed (and endless suckers from the cherry trees . . . sigh) but apart from that, I reckon I am now half-way there!

James' visit on Sunday made me realise that whilst I might know exactly what I'm doing here, it is not necessarily obvious to anyone else, so here's the Grand Plan for our front hedge:

When we arrived, the top of the Escallonia was 10 feet high and hanging three-quarters across the pavement, I am surprised we didn't get a warning letter from the local council. For years the only treatment it received was an annual chop from the local farmer who came by with a flail and ripped off the edges but according to neighbours Mrs Previous Owner wouldn't even pay him a tenner a year to do that so we inherited about 4 years worth of total neglect.

Escallonia regenerates extremely well. At the end of April I cut down an overgrown area which was blocking our access from the driveway.

Within three months we have this much dense new growth. Because of my timing there were no flowers this year but in 2009 I expect a good flowering which will make the local bees fairly happy.

Once we started to cut back into the Escallonia at the front we could see there are two rows of plants with about 18 inches between the front row and the edge of the wall. This year I am cutting back all of the front row to stumps and after good feed and mulch it should put on new growth similar to that above. In the space between the plants and wall I am going to put daffodil bulbs and perennials such as Nigella, Foxgloves and already a few ferns are making themselves at home.

In about three years time when the front row has regenerated and grown tall enough to give us a screen from the road I shall do the same with the back row. By leaving the back row intact for the time being I retain some privacy in the front garden and a screen which keeps the Hairy One safe.


  1. I have nigella and foxglove seeds if you're interested?

  2. ...and I have hollyhock seeds by the busload if you feel that they would fit in with your plan?

  3. Oh yes please, huge thanks to you both!

    Flum, don't hurry with seeds because I have not got the greenhouse up yet (possibly won't until next Spring) so will not be starting anything off early.

    Hazel, many thanks - I adore Hollyhocks and they definitely belong in my sort of planting scheme, I love English perennials. Unless you've got my address from Mrs Flummery, please click on the "email me" link at the top right of the blog page and we can write privately.

    Can't offer much in the way of an exchange unless you want some of the yellow Welsh Poppy but be warned, it's a profligate little devil and is setting seed all over the place.


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