Sunday, 3 August 2008

I really didn't mean for this to become a quilting "blog"

Merlin becomes a quilt machine (as opposed to a pile of parts in boxes) tomorrow (Sunday). I have started the first quilt to be cut & pieced at Bag End and it will be Merlin's first "masterpiece" .

These colours are REALLY off, but it will do for now.
Had a sleepless night last night so pulled a selection of brushed cotton at 2.30am and have already cut it up and pieced the centre of it (above). Don't get too excited, it is just a new "blankie" for the Canine bed,

his current one (above) has worn out in places and the batting is showing through, I think it looks OK (in a VERY shabby chic sort of way). The Hairy Hound prefers laying on brushed cotton/flannel to regular cotton and it is about time I made him a new one. It has taken him about 8 years to wear this one out, sadly even as a very old dog he won't wear the new one to shreds but it seems right that the first quilt I make in this house and the first piece I finish on Merlin should be for my darling Four Paws.

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  1. So what if it occasionally becomes a quilt blog - or a dog blog! they are all part of what's going on in Cumbria.
    And we all enjoy reading about them. Looking forward to a full frontal (ooo-er)picture of The Magician soon.


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