Friday, 15 August 2008

Chain Piecing in Progress

It feels good to be sewing again (especially as everyone else is at FoQ in Birmingham this week). I don't tend to have a lot of UFOs laying around so if Merlin is to get a full workout then I need to make some tops to quilt!

Long before Jelly Rolls were invented an Alaskan lady called Debbie Caffrey came up with "Worms" which are 2½" strips cut across the width of fabric. Whilst my dear friend Joan was cutting up a storm to make some of these quilts she set aside strips for me which were then posted across the Pond and have, sadly, been sitting in a large box ever since. I've taken all the blue Worms to make this quilt and should just make it to 36 blocks.


  1. The blocks are looking good Bilbo. Let me know when you want to practice on Le Jardin ;o).

  2. Good to see some of those long forgotten blues getting some attention. You go girl! Do you need any more?

  3. Goodness this is the first time I knew you has two blogs! Anyway, I made a single quilt many years ago for my sister. I did cut up lots of my chldren's old clothes with the intention of making them a quilt each combined with lots of memories. Sadly I never got them done partly due to too many mixed fabrics.

  4. Cor. Did I ever tell you how much I love blue?
    Did I?


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