Thursday, 21 August 2008

Birds' Bistro

Latest delivery from The Birds' Bistro.

Am I mad to buy this much bird/squirrel food?
Do I care?
Is it worth it?

(the answers being Probably, No and What do you think . . .)


  1. No, yes and yes.

    Red squirrels are sadly in decline, so anything you can do to assist them has got to be worthwhile. As I've witnessed myself at Bag End, they are a delight to watch too.

    Well you don't care about the cost or what other people think, but you obviously do care very much for the wellbeing of your garden visitors.

    Financially I bet it's rather costly, but in terms of the pleasure it brings - I don't think you can put a monetary value on that.

  2. At least your feeders get emptied and your supporting an endangered animal so keep it up, especially as it obviously brings you so much pleasure.

    We have had feeders up at home since last winter but they never get touched by birds. Maybe that has something to do with the cat's that either sit on next doors shed, overlooking our garden or the cat that has taken to sleeping in my greenhouse.

    I shall keep filling them in the hope that one day we will be blessed with as many birds and animals as you. One does get emptied by a grey squirrel which seeing as we don't have any reds here I quite enjoy seeing.

  3. James, Angela, thank you both for lovely comments. The price is irrelevant because of the tremendous value we get - the pleasure of watching the squirrels, knowing we might actually be helping an endangered creature and the added bonus of being able to share pictures so that friends can enjoy these delightful animals when you're miles away. As for the actual cost, that delivery was £75 and will last about 6 weeks. I reckon I am spending about £1.50 per day on various feeds. As I don't smoke, hardly drink and don't go out for coffee I reckon it is money well spent. hugs to you both.


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