Monday, 1 September 2008

The best laid plans

and all that . . .

My good friend Sewali commented: You need to hire one of those industrial shredders that come on a trailer, the type the tree surgeons use. Anything you can fit in the car is going to be useless for the amount of brush you've built up. Ask me how I know this!

I wish she'd told me on Friday before we collected the dratted thing. Saturday did not go according to plan. It didn't take us long to give up on the shredder and write it off to experience and wishful thinking. The amount of additional work we had to do in order to get the brush and stuff to go through the damn thing, which then did not shred quite as small as I'd hoped was, according to Husband, something to do with the Law of Diminishing Returns, so we stopped and I made coffee.

The restorative powers of a strong cup of Santos and Java . . .

We psychologically needed to "make progress" so spent the rest of the day working hard with the chain saw and turned all remaining fallen trees into piles of logs and brush (except for some very large trunks, they can wait). The logs are all stacked under the eaves waiting for us to make a nice Log Store for them to live in, most of the brush piles are ready to be moved straight onto the next bonfire we light with just a couple of piles containing large items that need to be rendered down into logs and brush. (Deliberately not mentioning the huge quantity of wood that has previously been cut into large bits and waiting to be sawn into wood burning stove sized pieces, but there isn't too much hurry for that.)

Not quite what we planned for Saturday but satisfying and a huge amount was achieved even if the garden does still look like the aftermath of Ennerdale deforestation! No photos because I'm a bit glum about not getting rid of the brush, my fault for having unreasonable expectations (apparently, so I have been told {grin}).

There was no gardening on Sunday. It rained. All day. No surprises then, this is Summer 2008.

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  1. Don't feel so despondent Bilbo! The fact that you haven't managed to achieve all you set out to do is not all your fault (as you would have us believe!)- this has been the wettest summer for 90 years! So I think you should be patting yourself on the back for what you have done in difficult circumstances! You have made so much difference on that jungle and you have wild orchids, hares and red squirrels all those seed devouring birds......lucky girl!


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