Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wednesday, 30th July 2008

Is this too personal? I always intended this to be a "Cumbria" blog but somehow the Hairy One just keeps sneaking in.

Husband is away on business, I got up and had a coffee & read some email. When I got back to the bedroom half an hour later this is what I found.

Hey ho; he's 13 years old, he's comfortable, he's my baby - and he knows he can pretty much do anything he likes and get away with it!


  1. Awww bless. He certainly knows a good spot when he finds one.

    Don't worry about Mr Hairy sneaking in - he's Cumbrian too (now). You wouldn't dream of missing him out from any entries when he has a small fell-dawdle would you? :)

  2. Nothing wrong with getting in some zeds after a hard day's sleeping!

  3. If Angus ans Casper can do it why not Mr Hairy

  4. I am enjoying the morning reading your whle blog. What wonderful pictures and Ollie has been the topic of conversation at my house. What sort of camera do you use and what kind of longarm? (you may mention both later in the blog - I started at the beginning and am making my way up). I know I will cry about Ollie by the end.

  5. Hi Penny, welcome to Bag End {smile} and I hope we don't make you cry too much. If Evelyn and Pearl are anything like Ollie, they will not like it at all if you cry!

    To answer your questions quickly, my longarm is an APQS Millennium which I LOVE, used to have a Gammill Classic which was very nice but the APQS is a completely different beast and I adore using it.

    My new camera is a Canon EOS40D. The everyday "walkabout" lens is an EF-S 17-85mm and I also have a Canon 70-300mm but it's heavy and I need to buy a decent tripod to get the best from it.


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