Friday, 25 July 2008

A sight for sore eyes

How lovely to come home from walking the Hairy One to find two neighbours busy clearing a patch of ground for me.

Today I returned from staggering around the block with Canine Person (I have a cold, it feels like flu but if it were influenza I would not even manage to get out of bed let alone walk the dog) to find Helen and Robert busy loading small logs into their car. They declined to be photographed but have left me with this lovely clear area next to the bottom gate. This is most timely - I have arranged for John Lowe to come and cut the grass on a regular basis and we'll need somewhere to put all the clippings.

I've had to accept that I do not have enough hours to do everything and keeping on top of the grass takes so much time that I am not making the progress I would like in other areas of Bag End. John will come every 10 - 14 days and mow the paths and grassed areas that are not being left as meadow. He is completely in tune with "our" way of gardening and I know I can trust him not to accidentally mow the orchids or commit any other similar crime. He is also a mine of information and good ideas and exceptionally generous; he will bring far more than just 'grass cutting' to Bag End.


  1. Two colds in two months? That Cumbrian air must be too clean for you! You'll have to toughen up now you're 'oop North' you know (lol!!). Hope you soon feel better.

  2. Nice to have a man to mow the meadow. Does he have a dog?


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