Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Not a moment too soon

Helen and Robert could not have cleared away that little pile of logs in a more timely fashion because after lunch Craig and Graham arrived with a trailer full of grass cutting machines. Craig was one of the amazing team who helped cut down 32 trees in one day back in April and we had not met Graham before.

I was impressed (but not really surprised) that John had provided a sketch drawing of the garden showing which areas were to be mown short (paths and a couple of seating areas) and which areas to leave long and REALLY impressed when some of Craig's first words were "OK, where are these orchids that we've got to avoid?". It was agreed that they would go over the whole garden because the meadowed areas which were mainly grass were now so long (and gone to seed) that they needed cutting before the grass went over and became a matted mess.

It does look rather different now and I am not sure I like it - it's almost neat and tidy, must be someone else's garden!

The tidy (well, by our standards) bit at the back

We must get round to dealing with the Cherry tree trunks - the roots are all over the front and constantly putting up suckers. If you look closely on the left there is one of the orchid protection cages!

These "anti-Jackdaw" cages are proving extremely useful, thanks Rachel.

It is not laziness which has stopped us clearing away these felled trees, they are still full of birds either nesting or roosting.

One day, there will be a shed and a greenhouse here. Oh well, a girl can dream . .

And the Hairy One slept soundly through the whole proceedings having to be woken and moved out of the way on more than one occasion. For a dog who freaks out at the slightest noise in the house he is remarkably unworried by lawnmowers.

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  1. Oh to get a bit of kip in while someone else mows your lawn! Hairy but sensible!


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