Thursday, 31 July 2008

For Squirrel fans

Blondie did not seem to like the hazelnut feeder and has been taking all her* food from the bird cage near the kitchen. In an attempt to lead her to the proper food (hazelnuts) I've moved the feeder to another tree, propped open the lid and laced it with a few peanuts - should be impossible to resist!

Blondie knew I was outside on the patio, a couple of times she stopped and looked directly at me, but it did not seem to scare her, nor was she bothered when Canine One started barking. I was able to go indoors, get the tripod and set it up about 10m from her.

* or "him" - who knows? I think it's a female because in the 'standing up picture' it looks (to me) as if there are nipples all up the belly (as per comment from Chris at SOS)


  1. Aww... very nice. Looks like she's getting used to you, which is a good sign as you should be able to get better photographs (as you've already demonstrated).

    Hopefully you'll have many more visiting you during winter when there's less food about. How much are 20kg of hazelnuts, and more importantly, how long will they last? Worth every penny though!

  2. As a townie, I love to see your wildlife at Bag End - however I do have a query from my colleague, Rita (we admire Bag End together on a Monday morning at work) - she says 'why does your red squirrel - Blondie - not have tufty ears?' She's worried that you have a red grey squirrel!

    Just for ref, a clearout of the cupboards this morning yielded out-of-date muesli, desicated coconut and suet - sloppy housewife syndrome! - which I bunged in the pan earlier and this resulted in Mrs Blackbird and The Sparrow Gang going mad for it mid afternoon!

    Note to self to be a bit snappier with the camera!

  3. Morning Hazel and Rita, I am not a squirrel expert but I think Blondie does not yet have tufty ears because she is a youngster born this summer. If you want definitive Red Squirrel info go to where there is a brilliant amount of information. Under the "FAQ" sction is a paragraph which states Red squirrel ears usually have long tufts, though in summer the tufts may be quite sparse or not there at all. Hope this helps.
    Your cupboard clearout sounds like a good feast!

  4. Loved the video clip. I should think squirrels need all the fans they can get in this warm weather!
    We have a stash of elderly raisins that our tame blackbird almost knocks and asks for. She comes in the house and knows the right cupboard. Hope Blondie doesn't get this saucy!

  5. Hello Jayne, Hazel and Rita. Squirrel's ears are far less tufted at this time of year - the tufts will get longer in the winter. Young squirrels are generally smaller than the adults, and the tail tends to get blond with time. I do hope she/he keeps visiting!


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