Thursday, 10 July 2008


I'm sitting checking my email before bedtime, it's getting dark but still light enough to see properly.

Through the side window of the study I notice something HUGE and very pale fly past slowly.

Throw myself at window to see the back of what must have been a barn owl heading towards the trees which front the road. (It's amazing how fast I can move sometimes).

Run to the front facing window to see same beautiful bird come around the trees and head down towards the river.

Grab favourite bird book and look up Barn Owl - yep, that is definitely what I saw! Oh, life is good.

(Goes to bed wondering how many hours I could spend at this time of night sitting outside with the camera at the ready?)


  1. We saw one last week on our Natural History Society evening - someone's tail between its legs! It had caught a mouse or vole and was back off home with its prize. They are wonderful birds to see in flight and are definitely becoming more common around here.

  2. Good luck with trying to photograph it! You'll need it.

    That aside, what a beautiful visitor to have. Maybe you need to encourage plenty of mice and voles into Bag End - your meadow ideas could pay dividends that go beyond pretty wild flowers.


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