Monday, 9 June 2008

When is a Beech Tree not a Beech Tree?

When it turns out to be a Magnolia.

Earlier in the year Roger and I were trying to identify (leafless) trees and we guessed Magnolia from what was laying under this tree in the flowerbed. (Flowerbed? who am I kidding?). If this were Beech it would be great but as a Magnolia it's not in a good place (catches the morning sun which is not good in an area that gets plenty of frost) and the crown is very over-crowded. This year it produced virtually no flowers and nothing on the windward side.

Later this year it will get a very serious pruning, a thorough feed and mulch and hopefully we can keep it happy. When I was a kid there was a huge Magnolia in the garden which Mum used to sit under in the afternoons; she loved that tree so it is not surprising I have always had a soft spot for them.

If it survives the pruning fine, if it doesn't then maybe I will put a Beech Tree there anyway!

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  1. Magnolias can be pruned fairly hard Bilbo but if you want a lot off it then do it over two or three seasons rather than one.
    What they don't like is their tuberous like roots disturbed!
    You can take cuttings from the prunings and they usually root easily.......apparently......never done it so can't swear to it.


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