Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Watching Paint Dry

No gardening over the last few days. My new longarm machine will be arriving from America in (I think) 2 - 4 weeks time, once it is in place the study will be very full and moving anything to paint will be impossible. I'm changing the habits of a lifetime by decorating the room now rather than waiting until I get a phone call that 7 large boxes are on their way.

I don't mind the painting side of decorating but I hate moving everything out of a room and then moving it back again, especially when the computer has to relocate. At present I am perched on the end of the sewing table accompanied by tottering piles of 'stuff' that seemed to take no time at all to move into my study. Not everything will be going back . . .

I know where the camera is and could take lovely photos of the Ring Neck Pheasant who is now a daily visitor or the numerous birds who call the Bag End Buffet their own - but I have no idea where I have put the USB cable so there is no way of transferring those pictures to the PC. And if that were not enough excitement, in order to complete the newly painted study I am going to have to shorten two pairs of curtains . . . aaarrrghhh . . . I don't DO curtains!


  1. I do know what you mean about curtains! They reckon asking a quilter to do alterations is like asking Picasso to paint your shed!

  2. Just because you can't find the cable it doesn't mean that you cannot take any pictures!

    I'm sure it will turn up over the next day or two, and then we get to see your lovely pheasant, before it decides to leave Bag End - which will happen the moment you have found your cable and have the camera ready!

  3. Curtains aren't too bad if you have a big table. I've got the table, why don't you come down for a visit? :o). You'll soon forget the aggrevation when you see your finished room filled with sewing stuff and a brand new machine. I still look at the study every day and think what a worthwhile job it was, but I can assure you I didn't think that when I was on my hands and knees laying the floor LOL.


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