Friday, 6 June 2008

Thursday: Another long day

Sometimes I just don't know the meaning of "pace yourself" but so much progress was made yesterday I had the energy and enthusiasm to do more, and also a desperate need to get one or two areas clear. Despite strong wildlife principles the Type A personality's need for order is always bubbling under the surface and sometimes has to be acknowledged.

Thanks to yesterday's huge bonfire this area is now clear. We inherited this oak bench with the house, it needs sanding and refinishing but for the time being has been moved and (thanks to the demise of the final cherry tree), this is the view. Yes, the fence really does slope like that but so does the ground so it looks fine in the real world!

Husband has been observing this brush pile from his office window on a daily basis.

He was sure that the Blackbird and chicks had left their nest. He was right.

It is rather nice to have a clear view along the back of the house.

More brush and shrub was moved to the bonfire area, not a single nest in any of it (phew). Roger was concerned that the brush would kill the grass - I do hope he is correct! The more grass we kill by natural methods the easier it will be to establish wildflower meadow, trouble is, most of those brown patches are pure moss.

A quick once over with the lawn mower and another bench moved into position. More tweaking (and grass cutting) needed but it is well worth it. This is our view of Grasmoor from a very comfortable sitting position!

(Special note for SewAli - please don't be pea green, this camera has an 18x zoom, a feature I make full use of!)

The Bag End Buffet has had a makeover. More refinement is needed, the cage in the centre is brilliant but needs a rain-proof cover on top and the wooden hanging feeder is not Jackdaw-proof, the damn thugs found it full of peanuts and emptied it in ten minutes.

And at the end of another long day, the ritual burning of this pile.

And THAT'S IT for a while. No more bonfires, no more clearing huge piles of brush in one afternoon!


  1. Don't Jackdaw-proof EVERYTHING! They're all God's little creatures! I'm actually rather fond of Jackdaws.

  2. Go - on Jackdoor proof it all! they'll find plenty elsewhere! If you have a look at Squirrel proof feeders (I know you don't want to stop those - but hear me out!) There are some hanging nut or seed feeders with built in cages that should do the trick!


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