Saturday, 28 June 2008

More birdwatching and a survivor

I have given up trying to count the number of Chaffinches - there are just too many feeding on the ground beneath the sunflower seeds. They are doing a great job of clearing up all the chaff which the Goldfinches and Greenfinches drop.

The Great Tits seem happy with the Jackdaw-proof peanuts

This rather scruffy Collared Dove is a real survivor. She has been attacked, probably by a cat, and her right-hand side both above and below the wing are in a real mess, her right leg is also damaged. However, we have now seen her limping around for three days and if she was going to die from her injuries it would probably have happened by now - we're having a week of very cold nights. She is eating and drinking and can fly (clumsily) so is able to get around.

Fingers crossed that she makes it.

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