Sunday, 8 June 2008

Jackdaw Thwarted - all thanks to Rachel

Last week Rachel left a comment for me in response to the continuing Jackdaw problem. The domed feeder she suggested was not exactly what we were looking for but I had a firtle around the site and found cages with Blackbird/Thrush sized mesh.

Rather than order online I telephoned The Birds' Bistro and explained what I was after. Another example of superb Cumbrian service, they found the cages for me at the same price and delivered them on Wednesday. Not only delivery to my door, but David insisted on staying to build one of them so that I could see how the clips worked, he would have built all four if I had wanted.

I need to do some Heath-Robinson-ing in order that I can use them on other feeders but for now this one is great. We have some acrylic sheet that is no longer needed, perhaps I can fashion a rain cover? The Blackbirds and Song Thrush are quite happy to jump in and out and the smaller birds (Robins, Dunnock and Great Tits) don't even seem to slow down as they arrive!

Thanks Rachel!

(Note, the mesh on the bottom is not part of the cage, I had this left-over from another Ground Feeding cage which is too small to allow Blackbird and Thrush to pass through, it does, however, make a great base until we go to Honister and pick up some slate slabs the same size as the cages)

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