Thursday, 8 May 2008


Twice today Husband has seen a Stoat from his office window. The first time it happened so fast he knew what he had seen but wasn't sure - if that makes sense.

The second time the animal came along the path next to the window (which is floor to ceiling so great views of the garden), hopped into the brush pile where Mrs Blackbird made her nest, came out and bimbled over a log pile, and then went through our fence and off towards the fields. The presence of this beautiful but deadly creature might explain why we have not seen any fledgling blackbirds. The stoat has probably eaten either the eggs or the chicks. Mrs Blackbird is still in and out of the same brush pile, second clutch or grim determination?

Nature, red in tooth and claw. What a great excuse to sit outside very quietly for ages tomorrow to see if I can get some photographs.

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  1. Perhaps you can introduce wood pigeons to its taste buds - you may be lucky and it develops a liking for them ;)


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