Sunday, 1 June 2008

Productive bimbling

I had intended to visit Chapelside today, a garden open under the NGS but my brain was worn out and I could not face the drive to Mungrisdale. It is open again on many other days in the summer and I will go when I'm not so tired and will appreciate it.

Instead, a "gentle" day bimbling around in the garden, (that is "gentle" by my warped standards). Made a start on clearing a flat area for two compost bins, gave up half-way through - too hot, ground too hard and full of too many stones.

Moved to strimmer and lawn mower to clear a way through the (nearly) wildflower meadow that anyone else would call a front lawn. Husband came to give much needed assistance and we decided to leave large areas untouched and cut access routes through the rest.

It was only a matter of time before Husband says "do you want to do the cherry tree now?". Two similar sized trees which completely blocked our view were removed not long after we moved in (here) . I wanted to retain one to see what the blossom was like. Been there, done that, in leaf it blocked the view even more thoroughly. The blossom was nice though ...

Unfortunately it only lasted five days and then made a filthy mess as it blew away, much of it into the house. This looks better!

This was followed by limbing and logging and hedge trimming, after which we were too tired to do any more clearing up until tomorrow!


  1. It almost sounds from recent posts that you are asking for some rain!

    Without that cherry, you at least now have a fairly much uninterrupted view.

  2. What about something like a beehive compost bin rather than a plastic one?

  3. Thanks James, yes I have been asking for rain! The compost bins look wonderful but did you notice the bit on their website which states "These beehive compost bins are ideal for the smaller garden where space is at a premium" ... not a problem here! One day in the future I'd like the real thing - always wanted to keep bees.

  4. THAT'S bimbling? I'm off for a lie down!


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