Wednesday, 7 May 2008

One year seeding, seven years weeding

Despite my often voiced statement that "a weed is just a plant in the wrong place" there are some plants which are NEVER in the correct place.

Dandelions are one of them and the "lawn" (I use that description euphemistically) at Bag End has more than enough of them (in addition to the celandine, moss, daisies et al). As I don't want to use chemicals to kill them and I do not have the time right now to dig out every plant by hand the least I can do is stop the dratted things setting seed.

It is very relaxing to wander around the garden every day, or even twice a day, and pull off every flower or developing bud I see. At the same time I find other interesting things growing; there are many clumps of this pretty little Welsh Poppy, Meconopsis Cambrica, which seems to be happily self-seeding all over the place.

Definitely not a weed and can always be moved if it turns up in the wrong place!


  1. Can I come and attack your dandelions? I need something to relax me after leaving home at 05.50 and getting into work 3.5 hours later thanks to a lorry fire on the M25.

    Wandering round plucking buds and flowers sounds just the therapy that I need!

  2. Get thee up the M6 young man, you'll be very welcome (as would Mrs James and sproglet) and there might just be a nice hot Santos & Java waiting for you!

    (and you're right, it is terribly relaxing, although a bit hard on the back!!)

  3. You can make the petals into dandelion wine too. You only need about half a pint (just the yellow bits) plus some other stuff of course!


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