Saturday, 3 May 2008

Not quite the day I planned

A good day, not what I planned, but a lot was achieved.

After much procrastination, the kitchen windows got their much overdue clean.

Then I emptied all the horrible old planters and tubs that Mrs Previous Owner left behind, dumped the contents where a compost bin will one day flourish and cleaned out the containers. The nesting box is still to be refurbished and I've left the concrete tubs at the end of the drive - someone might take them away. (It worked with a broken fridge and dishwasher - yesterday someone knocked on the door and asked Husband if they could take them, and he watched as our rubbish was loaded into a van full of similar items - hope the chap who took them makes a few quid because it saved us two trips to the dump.)

On a roll now, the dustbin got washed out, an overgrown Hebe with a completely dead and empty centre was partly cut back and the kerbs for my greenhouse were stacked into a pile much more neat and tidy than the way they were left when we arrived (but it was raining that day and everyone was tired).

Then to tackle one of the 1970's conifer beds next to the driveway. Do some "proper" gardening - prune over-crowded shrubs, maybe remove one or two, dig over the soil, weed, feed and so on.

But first lunch.

Which was when I remembered that (weather permitting) Patersons are coming tomorrow to do the fence posts and I need to clear away an awful lot of neglect and out of control self-seeded rubbish. There followed five hours of absolute slog, gardening-by-chainsaw, but the end result is well worth it. I know I have cleared away more than necessary but it was all going to have to be done eventually ... Lots of before and after pictures, boring as heck for anyone else but a good record for me of how much got cleared away.

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