Sunday, 4 May 2008

No gardening today

A lovely garden nearby is open today under the National Garden Scheme so I am off to Rannerdale Cottage for inspiration. The NGS website describes this garden as "½-acre cottage garden with beck and woodland walk overlooking Crummock Water, splendid mountain views. Herbaceous, shrubs, roses, perennial geraniums, tree peonies, pond with fish". Hopefully lots of ideas for Bag End.

This week's recording of Gardener's Question Time was hosted by Lorton Gardening Club. It will be broadcast at 2.00pm today (Sunday 4th May) on Radio 4. Thank goodness for Sky Plus, I can record it and still go to visit Rannerdale Cottage.


  1. Well, technically not gardening, but still very much in the gardening vein. More research I suppose.

    Have a grand day, and don't forget to have a look and see how the Rannerdale bluebells are doing. I suspect with this spring's weather that it won't be until the end of this month until they're at their best

  2. PS Don't forget to factor some teasels into your design - your goldfinches will love you to eternity for it.

  3. Don't worry James, no way they will be left out.

    In our previous house I saw three Goldfinch - once - in about the 2nd summer we were there and that was it. Teasels went in, allowed to go to seed, and within 12 months I had a resident flock of nearly 30 of them. The new owners will be cursing me because large sections of lawn are full of teasel but that is no longer my problem - at least Bag End is big enough to cope with Teasels Mark II.


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