Friday, 16 May 2008

No Gardening This Week

I am too tired. No, I am past tired, I am completely, totally, thoroughly exhausted and worn out. We have not stopped for three months and whilst moving here has been wonderful and we do not regret it for a moment, some of the unexpected house problems that we've had to fix have left us cream-crackered, and the continuing wrangles with utility companies and household suppliers just to get accounts set up and straightened out is wearing beyond words.

This week was meant to be a "week off" but we have had plumbers, tilers, electricians and goodness knows who else here every day. This is a good thing - we now have a hot water system we can rely on and will soon have a lovely powerful shower. We did not expect the work to happen for a few more weeks but when the company rings up to say "we can fit you in sooner than expected, is that OK" you don't say no. I'll have next week off (she says, hopefully).

Why is there a photo of my laundry?
No gardening but The Canine One is outside every day. The weather is beautiful this week, however in the afternoon his favourite sleeping spot is in the sun which he does not like (gets too hot). Look closely at the picture - he's a smart chap and lays exactly in the shade created by the duvet cover. This is not the first time he's done this so I am sure it is not accidental. Clever chap!


  1. Aaaahhhhhh..... I just love that dog!


  2. The furry humans are always very intelligent when it comes to personal comfort LOL. Mackie has been very miffed this week - his staff has been slacking on the job, they should be cuddling him full time and they're not! Ali


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