Monday, 2 June 2008

New book

Those who know me are aware how much I struggle to add another book to my meagre library (cough, splutter, ha ha ha). In truth I need very little encouragement and last week found an absolute gem - "How to Make a Wildlife Garden" by Chris Baines.

Well written (originally published in 1985 but completed revised in 2000) and heavily illustrated, I am half-way through it. In places this book is incredibly depressing - Mr Baines does not flinch from illustrating just how much has been lost in a very short period of time, whether it is hedgerow, meadow, wetlands or other habitat. However, get past this and he describes so much potential that I want to run straight into the garden and start planting all the things he suggests. Sadly, I have a lot of preparation to do first.

It has been very pleasing to find that I already knew much of his advice. That might sound odd - buy a book for information you already have but it is great to have ideas consolidated into one volume and see many of my thoughts and plans validated.

Where would I be without Amazon (with apologies to my cousin who is a REAL bookseller)?


  1. It's always good to read something that merely confirms most of your thoughts. It indicates that you were thinking along the right lines all along.

    As for habitat loss, I do think that current awareness is (slowly) starting to reverse the trend with stewardship schemes and the such like. Still a very long way to go though. Let's hope that it isn't too little too late to prevent devastation of the delicate ecosystem upon which we rely for life. Witness recent losses of bee populations.

  2. Good comment kiddo, another reason why I have my fingers crossed that Bag End will be suitable for a couple of hives


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