Saturday, 17 May 2008

A little more progress

Although I was not going to garden this week, Friday changed all that. After nearly two weeks of beautiful early summer weather it turned a lot colder so I figured most neighbours would have their windows shut. No wind and everything dry = another bonfire. Only a small one this time, its purpose to get rid of stray branches laying around the front and west side of the house. Everything burnt so quickly it didn't take all day and the end result is something we have not seen for a while:

lawn that isn't covered with piles of brush!

Local lawn chap due to come next week to strim everything, rake up the debris and give us a quote for mowing the lawns for this summer. I hate having anyone else do our lawns because it is never done just how I want it but I have to be realistic - I cannot manage everything and I need some help.


  1. So a crafty ploy to justify the cost of a toy, erm I mean vital piece of gardening machinery. Ride on mower anyone?

  2. I see his Lordship is lurking in the shade again!! Clever things those Mutts!

  3. I'm glad to see that you are being sensible at last and realising that you are not super human and can't do everything yourself - take a break girl!

    Aunty B


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