Saturday, 31 May 2008

Jackdaw O, Small Birds 1

The anti-jackdaw program continues to go through different versions.

The first attempt at blocking them worked fairly well but restricted access to just one side of the feeder. At least it worked though, as this very annoyed young bird found out.

It took this Blackbird a couple of goes to summon up the courage but soon found its way in.

Version 2 uses more pieces of green trellis tied together with nice strong Hemp string (from J B Banks in Cockermouth - an amazing shop that everyone should visit - and spend money in!).

This is working well but it is ugly and restricts my view of the birds. I have tried nearly every builders supply in Workington looking for a mesh which is big enough to allow access to blackbirds but small enough to keep out the thugs, no luck yet.

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  1. Try this link, we have a domed feeder, which you can alter the height of the dome. It took a long time for the birds to get used to it, but it works a treat, and blackies can get in, even when it is amazingly low!!


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