Friday, 2 May 2008


As if the Leylandii were not enough to deal with, Bag End has another problem that cannot be ignored - Canine Safety!

The garden is a rectangle with a rectangular house in the middle - the land wraps around all four sides fairly equally and there was nothing to separate the garden from the driveway and therefore nothing to stop Mr Hairy Four Paws going off to explore by himself.

A local firm

have put up a post and rail fence on both sides of the drive together with gates where necessary. They were recommended by our friends Ann & Roger and a darn good recommendation too. It turns out that Paterson's put up the original fence which goes around the garden - 18 years ago. Apart from some posts in the ground which have suffered from constant contact with wet soil, the larch that is nearly two decades old is still sound and looks great. We will have those posts replaced/reinforced soon and if the new fence lasts anything like as well as the last one we will be very happy!

We were going to put mesh between the middle and bottom rails to to stop The Hairy One getting out, but experiments with various materials haven't looked right. When Patersons return to do the fence posts we have asked them to fit an additional horizontal rail. At present His Canine Highness could get out if he wanted to but he stands patiently at one of the gates waiting for us to open it. Who was it said that dogs have people and cats have staff? The only time he has climbed through was to investigate why two large and boisterous Retrievers were running around on HIS driveway; he really did not know what to make of Bethan and Harry - far too active for our old chap to cope with.

(Confession: the fences were put up on 3rd and 5th April, I lost this post in a Drafts folder)


  1. That would probably have been me saying about dogs having masters and cats having staff.

  2. Don't worry Jayne, at your age you're bound to lose things from time to time (GRIN)!


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