Saturday, 29 March 2008

Their days are numbered

Great meeting this afternoon with John Lowe, a tree surgeon recommended by our friends in Loweswater. Husband and I were impressed with his approach and his knowledge - and his statement "unless we do this very quickly I am not cutting anything down until the Autumn, other people will fell trees with nests but I won't".

We have agreed that I will clean up the trunks of most of the Leylandii to head-height so that when John and his team return they can make an immediate start on felling. We are going to take out Leylandii from all three of the boundaries where they are planted, John thinks he could get as many as 15-20 down in one day - wow!

Our nearest neighbour should be a lot happier when some of this lot are gone and he gets a bit of light onto his garden.


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