Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tawny Owl

We hear two Tawny Owl every day. They roost in the Leylandii closest to the road and have often been heard making an unholy racket as they move around in the top of the tree but I've been told it is most unlikely they would be nesting here. A few weeks ago I got a fleeting glimpse of a bird as it disappeared into the greenery very early on a Sunday morning.

Today I got a proper look - 4.00 on a Monday afternoon - and as I was getting out of the car a very large bird flew from one tree to another. Quite beautiful and graceful but no chance of a photo. Spent ages subsequently craning my head and searching with binoculars to try and spot it. No chance, it's very well camouflaged in the thin and dead branches deep inside the tree.

The owls are not going to be very happy in the Autumn when the remaining trees are felled but it has to be done, we've already made the decision to leave a couple further up the garden and hopefully the owls will roost in those instead. Sometime between 2.00 and 4.00 this afternoon a small branch came down, it's not particularly windy today but it proves the point that the darn Leylandii cannot be left indefinitely. If one of these monster trees falls onto the road it will cause a blockage for hours and if it hits anyone they're dead.

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  1. oh lucky you. I love owls, I find them so comical with their surprised expressions.


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