Monday, 21 April 2008

No more bonfires

Well, not in the immediate future. We hurried to get the trees cut down before birds started nesting so what do the little feathered pests do? Wait until the trees are laying all over the garden and then nest in them!

Within 24 hours of felling an industrious Blackbird was busy making a nest in the pile of brush outside the kitchen window. She worked tirelessly for a week first bringing twigs

then dried leaves and finally soft moss.

In the last few days we have only seen her occasionally. I think she's sitting on eggs and just comes out once or twice a day to eat at the nearest birdtable (which is well stocked with Deluxe Soft-Billed Food!). There is no way "her" pile of brush will be touched until we are absolutely certain her babies have left the nest, but now everything else is following suit.

We have a Robin nesting in the next pile, a pair of Dunnock firtling about in another, Blue Tits are seen busily going in and out of one large tree that's not yet been touched and more Blackbirds constantly appear from underneath another.

Yesterday I had the joy of seeing a small Sparrow busy collecting up the soft, downy chest feathers that had fallen from a Wood Pigeon (well, at least the WP's are useful for something ...). It must be more than ten years since I saw Sparrows - there were none at our previous home but I've seen at least three here. Too late for this year but a Sparrow Nesting Box is definitely on the shopping list for later this summer.

I must clean the outside of the kitchen window - it's a great vantage point for photos.

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