Saturday, 12 April 2008

New Toys

I killed the chainsaw. Well, not exactly killed it, but we think there's a bit of dirt in the fuel pipe because it will start quite happily and then immediately cuts out when you give it some throttle. Husband did his best to take it apart yesterday to see if he could fix the problem but the bits we needed to get access to did not want to come out to play, therefore back to Keswick Garden Machinery this morning.

We'd been thinking about buying another one anyway because our chainsaw isn't ours, it's on permanent loan from brother-in-law but if he ever needs it back we're scuppered. And in our daft world in makes sense to have two - one to use and one to have on standby in case I get the bar of the main saw severely trapped and cannot free it.

So I am now the very proud owner of a brand new Husqvarna 345e. It will never ever look this clean and shiny again . . .

It is lovely to use, light enough not to be too tiring but powerful enough to cut cleanly and with no effort. A girl cannot have too many power tools!

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