Friday, 18 April 2008

My new lawnmower

OK, not a lawnmower but an expensive hole in the ground. Discovered that one of the drains (from sink & dishwasher) was cracked and it was impossible to guess whether waste water had been happily flowing under the house instead where it should have gone.

Brilliant service from Alan Varty, a sigh of relief to find there doesn't seem to be any damage to the footings and another nice bill with zero's on the end.

The lawnmower will have to wait (and anyhow, with fallen Leylandii all over the place, I can't get to the grass so I couldn't cut it even if we did have a mower that was up to the task). I hesitate to call the green space outside a "lawn" - it's lots of moss, celandine (Thanks Mrs Flum) and other greenery with occasional blades of grass thrown in to show willing.


  1. Ain't that celandine? Who needs grass anyway?

  2. Thanks Flum, brain and keyboard obviously not connected. Typo corrected!


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