Wednesday, 9 April 2008


John and his team of three (thanks to Donald, Nick and Craig) worked tirelessly from 8.30am until well after 4.00 taking only the shortest breaks when I supplied a tray of tea and considerably less than the "lunch hour" that they deserved, I think it was more like a "lunch 20 minutes". At the end of the day the body count was 32 but once we got into double figures nobody was counting ... they were working too hard.

32 includes a couple of small items such as a pathetic cherry discovered behind a large Leylandii and an old & out of control Elder that was in the way of where the chainsaw needed to be.

The additional amount of light coming into the garden is staggering, as is the quantity of debris that needs to be disposed of. Roger has already taken a car load of logs and our neighbour Richard has offered to help cut up one of the trees on Saturday in exchange for logs.

Here's a nice noisy example of how the day went. The remains of the weekend's bonfire can clearly be seen and after the falling tree disturbed all the embers it had to be thoroughly doused before it came back to life. We'll be having plenty more big bonfires but Tuesday wasn't the day for one of them!

We had assumed most of the large trees were about 40 years old, same age as the house. It was a surprise to find that the worst offenders had only been planted 25 years ago. They sure do grow fast . . .

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