Friday, 25 April 2008

First Bluebell of the year

I had to be in Cockermouth early this morning so took Mr Hairy Four Paws to Harris Park. Good views of Grasmoor from this nice spot and a chance for His Hairyness to have a paddle in the River Cocker which he loves.

Lots of Spring growth in the wooded area above the river and my first Bluebell of the year, in fact, the first since moving here!

I know it is not in the garden, but it's my diary so I can include what I want. Hopefully we will have Bluebells at Bag End in future years.


  1. I spotted a whole carpet of bluebells at a little wooded area up the road about a week ago, they seem to be very early this year. Must take a photo ...

  2. The bluebells in my garden are just starting to show. However, I'm waging a war against the Spanish Bluebells - they cross and out-do the English and are much chunkier and heftier. The English are so dainty. I foolishly put some in the compost heap - they started to grow!


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