Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Another Day In Paradise

Just because I can't disturb brush piles in which the birds have nested doesn't mean I'm short of jobs to do in the garden. It doesn't feel much like gardening at present, I think Mrs Flummery got it right when she linked to this Diary and called it "Garden Reclamation".

Chainsaw, petrol, helmet, chain oil, isn't this what everyone gardens with?

A messy but satisfying afternoon clearing up various areas that had been left a complete mess!

This was an ankle-turning obstacle course that made getting to the squirrel feeder a tad difficult

A bit easier now:

Much of the debris I moved ended up here ... another bonfire ... eventually

This is as far as I got with the limb that fell yesterday. The branch that split has fallen onto and into the one beneath and now both are under tension. No way I am using the chainsaw at shoulder height on a tensioned limb when I am by myself - I may be moderately daft but I am not completely stupid.

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