Tuesday, 18 March 2008

If you plant it they will come ...

And even though I have not yet planted a thing, I'm delighted to find that the wildlife already comes to Bag End.

We'd been here less than 24 hours before the first Red Squirrel was spotted outside the kitchen window and it has been joined by another. They are currently emptying the Hazelnut feeder faster than A Very Fast Thing and burying nearly all of them - without any effort on our part we might end up with a Hazel Coppice. They're also busy chasing each other around the lawn and through the trees in a most Spring-like fashion, maybe we will have baby squirrels later in the year?

It would be tempting (and terribly expensive) to put nuts out every day for them but on advice from the Red Squirrel Project we are only feeding a couple of times a week in order that they do not become dependent upon human-supplied food sources. Of course, many of our neighbours also provide hazelnuts so with a bit of synchronicity these dear creatures could find a five-star feast at a different garden each day!

My friend John has recommended Birds Bistro near Pennruddock, I will visit them (hopefully) this week. Squirrel factoid for the day - did you know that too many peanuts can cause calcium deficiency in red squirrel?

The last couple of weeks have been tiring and frustrating as we struggle to turn cardboard-box city into a home and discover some of the idiosyncrasies of the house that the previous owner "forgot" to mention, but it's not too hard to maintain a sense of proportion when from the kitchen sink I can see this:-

and from the sitting room I can see this:

I am truly blessed. The view is only like this on a good day, and we've had very few of them since we moved but that's no bad thing, means I can concentrate on moving furniture and emptying boxes without thinking "damn, I'm missing out on good fellwalking weather".

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  1. Love your squirrel! A local grey is in the dog house for digging up (and eating though, fair dos) half a row of broad beans on the next allotment to mine.

    You could always attract them by planting broadies?


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