Friday, 21 March 2008

Birds' Bistro

I've had a wonderful trip to Birds' Bistro today. How many shops do you go into these days and your first word is "WOW"?

I have never been in such an Aladdin's Cave of bird food, feeders, bird tables, nesting boxes (for birds, mammals and insects) and loads of other stuff as well. Husband will enjoy the techie section with cameras for bird boxes, ponds etc. The owner, Richard, mixes all the feeds himself and was marvellous - talked me out of spending £40 on a sack of hazelnuts and sold me a £15 sack of specially mixed red squirrel food instead - now that's unusual in this day and age.

Not my best squirrel picture but included because it clearly shows a large nipple on the bottom right of a fairly large tummy. If this is a female then she's either about to have kittens or has given birth and is nursing them. Because of this Richard recommended the Squirrel mix because it contains Maize and other elements which are particularly useful for lactating females.

I bought new feeders for the birds, three different sorts of feed for them plus the biggest sack of squirrel food he had, and received a half a hour one-to-one amazingly informative lesson on different birds and their feeding requirements. I couldn't recommend the place too highly, and they deliver once a week to our area, so stocking up could not be more simple.

We want to support local businesses as much as we can and with service like this it's not difficult (and the prices are less than I used to pay to a nationally known mail order company).

They're located 15 minutes off the M6 as you're coming in from Penrith so definitely a compulsory stop on your next visit to Lakeland (it would be rude not to as you're going past the door)!

Click here for a location map

No affiliation and no benefit to me for this "advertorial" but shops like this are far and few between and deserve all the praise I can give them.

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