Saturday, 15 March 2008

Welcome to Bag End

We've only been here two weeks but already it seems like home, albeit a very messy home requiring a huge amount of upgrading, updating and decorating from end to end and the garden is no better.

Half an acre in North West Cumbria near Cockermouth, the front of the site faces South-East
and we are blessed with a view of the Derwent River (50 feet below us therefore little likelihood of flooding) and a view of the fells. The plot is fairly over-grown but tidy and as boring as hell - trees and lawn & a few conifers and heathery bits. Given our semi-rural location Bag End has the potential to become wildlife heaven and that is what I will try to create over the next few years. The previous owners claim to have seen red squirrel, hares and a tawny owl in the garden as well as many of the usual avian suspects.

My dear friend Mrs Flummery has christened the garden “Fangorn Forest”. It is easy to see why - may I introduce you to The Leylandii From Hell.

This is taken from the road outside the house and the car gives a sense of scale.

The trees are acting as a windbreak which is about the only positive thing that can be said for them. They are also taking every scrap of nutrition from the soil, the roots have previously damaged the drains and are busy trying to break the retaining wall around half of the garden, they prevent a huge amount of light getting in and are loathed by all our neighbours (many of whom would also enjoy lovely views to the fells if the trees were gone).

Their days are numbered.


  1. Welcome to Blogland! That's a forest and a half you've got there. You could sell firewood!

  2. cripes, where's the house!!!
    48, what were they thinking?

  3. Hello Nic - you are going back to basics, aren't you <>

    Now you've seen the house for real, looking at the old pictures (I think) makes more sense.


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